Saunas in January: The Joys of Finnish Winter Travel

There are many place of which we wish to escape during the cold winter months of the year, but while warm equatorial locations seem to be the frequented norm, some of us gravitate toward the cold dark climate of the Arctic Circle. Scandinavia is a beautiful area of the world, and while I have never […]

A Blue Ribbon Tour: The Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery

Past Blue Ribbon Beer (PBR) has seen increased popularity over the last ten years. With Generation X and Millennial populations consuming this beer in unprecedented numbers, this beer has become a staple again in bars and icy coolers wherever beer is sold. The iconic blue ribbon, so recognizable to us, is probably reminiscent of our […]

Forest Products Laboratory of Madison, Wisconsin

Tucked away, amidst the University of Wisconsin, Madison campus, sits the Forest Products Laboratory (FPL) in all its resplendent glory. This research facility was originally built in 1910, America’s only federally funded wood utilization research laboratory, which still holds true to this day. In 1932, the staff moved into the current building, which seems to majestically loom […]

Five Reasons to Visit Madison, Wisconsin

Madison seems more like a sprawling University, with a city within its borders, than the Capital of Wisconsin. The massive campus melds into the city, making it hard to delineate between this institute of higher education and urban environment. Whether you plan on traveling to Madison for a tour of the campus as a prospective […]

Camp Hero: State Park and Alleged Home of Human Experimentation

If you grew up on Long Island, New York, like I did, especially on the East End, you have heard the rumors that surround Camp Hero, the former Montauk Air Force Station. If you are not familiar with the rumors and tales, then let me enlighten you. With many stories surrounding telekinetic experimentation, time travel, […]

Portland, Maine: The First…the Original…the Forest City

Tomorrow the winter solstice will be upon us, and if you are anything like my wife, you are ecstatic for this natural occurrence to begin and then pass. Although the solstice marks the possibility of bleak weather, which can, at times, seem to stretch on forever with no end in sight, it marks something positive and significant […]

Turners Falls, Massachusetts: A Respite from Everyday Life

Autumn is coming to a close with Halloween and Thanksgiving now far behind us, and Christmas slowly creeping up on us with all its tinsel and flashing lights. As Winter remains hidden, ready to pop out at any moment, we still have time to explore during this lingering season. With the temperate weather still breathing life into […]

Tres Brooklyn: Williamsburg, the Epicenter of Cool

When I decided to switch my master’s thesis from 19th century Whaling on Nantucket to the current hipster movement, I have to admit I was a little behind on the research. I had spent three years of my American and New England Studies master’s program preparing myself to tackle the topic of the whaling industry […]

Salem, Massachusetts: History, Witches, and Cider

As Autumn crescendos, and the leaves begin to slip off the trees, blanketing the ground in a kaleidoscope of colors, we search for the spooky in colonial New England. One cannot search for the macabre without traveling to Salem, Massachusetts, the location of the famous witch trials of 1692. As a result of this pandemonium […]

Along the Lake: Burlington, Vermont

There is something magical about autumn in New England. The trees become a kaleidoscope of colors, and the crisp blue sky seems like a giant azure marble set high above. The occasional white fluffy cloud floats by with so little effort, a languid pillow of water vapor promising winter storms to come–but not yet. And […]