And then there was one Howard Johnson’s

With the recent closing of the Bangor Howard Johnson’s restaurant, there is now just one HoJo’s left, and Lake George, New York owns it. Like everything in New York, they do it full up, with authenticity and style. Recently on a road trip adventure upstate New York, I found my way to the Lake George Howard […]

Atop a mountain in eastern Vermont sits an abandoned military base

On the top of East Mountain in Vermont, the long forgotten Lyndonville Air Force Station is crumbling to ruins. A 12 mile, round trip hike to the top, affords the brave adventurer with spectacular views of surrounding mountains, and a walk amongst an old derelict radar station.

Bannerman Castle: A Collaborative Effort Towards Preservation

On Pollepel island, just 60 miles north of New York City, sits Bannerman castle. This crumbling edifice is accessible to the public through scheduled tours, and hosts events on the island. There is much that goes into preserving such a location, and that is where the Bannerman Castle Trust Inc. comes into play.

There is beauty in the chaos of destruction

I am not sure what really draws me to destruction. I seem to follow it like a dog sniffing the air, following behind a hotdog cart rolling down the street. Whether it is in my job, or my explorations, I seem to gravitate to the ruins of generations past. This type of exploration has many names; […]

Streets of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, overrun by trolls!

Wisconsin. Just one of those states you never really think to visit. It’s not as if you pile the family in the car yelling, “hey kids, guess where we’re going! Wisconsin!” Affectionately known as the badger state, its one of those states that when you step foot across the border, you end up gaining five pounds. A […]

The first of May: Otherwise known as Latvian Independence Day

When you get off the plane at the Riga International Airport, you are met with a transportation facility of modest size. While this is Latvia’s largest airport, it pales in comparison to most American airports centered in cities of the same size. But this speaks volumes about Latvia; modest, restrained, yet beautiful. Once you enter the […]

Forgotten Rails to Bar Harbor

If you travel east out of Ellsworth on Route One, you will eventually reach the small somnolent town of Hancock. This forested tract of land boasts a population of just under 2400 residents, with a large point that is embraced by the emerald waters of the cold Atlantic. With a host of bays, coves, points, and peninsulas, […]